Darkness of The Mind

The House of Divine Dragon

      Welcome Home Unto  Darkness of The Mind
This content is unsuitable for children. Enter at will, under this understanding.
Welcome unto Darkness of The Mind. We are serious about teaching and learning. All of our teachers are experts and practitioners of different fields of the occult. Anything you learn, practice or use, is done so at your own risk. We will show and teach you here the right ways to learn and practice the safe way. We shall provide ample warnings about potential dangers; yet we will not be held responsible should you practice on your own. Understand  there are different ways which can and will cause damages to your own self and others.

Our coven contains a chat room where you can meet other like minded individuals and practitioners, where we encourage our members to learn, socialize, as well as enjoy down time. We provide trainings via our chatroom from time to time as well. As with every other coven we have our rules - so please take your time to read them before beginning your journey with us. 

Within our confines we teach & share many things:

  • How to Manipulate Energy, Psionics
  • How the Mind Works (mind control, self-development, manipulation, seduction, telepathy, hypnosis)
  • The Powers of the Different Kinesises 
  • Astral Projection, Meditation & All That It Entails
  • Visualization and Concentation with exercises
  • Basics and history of Magick
  • Many Magickal Arts & Paths
  • Totem, Omen, Talizman and Amulet Creation and Use
  • Enchantment
  • Demonology
  • Necromancy
  • Divination (Scying, Tarot)
  • Numerology 
  • Astrology
  • Shamanism
  • Alchemy
  • Past life regression
  • Chakras, Kundalini
  • About Auras in details
  • Dream interpretation 
  • Dream Walking/Lucid Dreaming
  • Different Healing WaysThrough the Dark Side 
  • Nature, Herbalism , Natural Cures/Remedies 
  • Mythology, ancient civilizations and traditions 
  • Otherkin (vamprism, lycantrophy, etc..)
  • Paranormal

      "May your journey with us be meaningful and bring forth greatness."



This is not a website for role playing, if you are a role player, have come here to role play or are in any way whatsoever intending on using this site for role playing means, leave now.

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